How to Grow With Zero YouTube Subscribers and Views

It is very frustrating when you have zero YouTube subscribers and views. When you are getting started with your YouTube channel, knows one knows who you are and what kind of content you produce. You spend all your time in planning, scripting, filming, and editing the videos. Also, you are very excited to upload to YouTube, but only a few people watch it. The post briefs how do you grow with zero YouTube subscribers and views? In the publishing world, it is easy to become the best-selling author, if you already have a best-seller. The same also applies to the YouTube channel.

It is easy to grow your YouTube channel if your YouTube channel already has a lot of subscribers, and also you are already very famous. Then it is easy for your videos to go viral or get more views and get more eyeballs when you already have a big YouTube channel. But what do you do if you are starting from scratch? So the post discusses five secrets to grow from Zero YouTube subscribers and views. So read the entire post till the end. The post share these secrete that will explode your subscribers, views and help you to learn why you should Buy YouTube Subscribers for your channel if you want to grow your list on fast track.

1. Use Compelling Titles:
One of the biggest sins most people commit as a YouTubers is to have boring titles. But there are indeed some YouTubers that they have boring titles, and yet they still have millions and millions of followers. If you are Casey, that's a different story. Casey breaks every single rule and even has a massive following.

But for most people who are starting from zero views and subscribers. You should have compelling titles for your videos because people are searching for you. They don't know you yet. There are some proven ideas when it comes to titles:

How to: How to be always a compelling title because people go on YouTube, they want to find out how do I do something? How to, it's a very-2 compelling title. So "how to" is a massive category on YouTube. You could be a variation of that, like how I… like how I have done something.

Secrets of: So people always want to know secrets. If you have a specific number such as 3 or 4 or 5, that's even more powerful.

Warning Title: Warning title headline such as, don't start a business until you watch this or don't start your YouTube channel until you watch this. There is a lot of curiosity-driven.

Outcome Driven Titles: Outcome driven title such as, "the most dangerous animal in the world." There is an exact, particular pay off. When your viewers click that video before they even click on that video, they know exactly what they are going to get. By using these types of titles in your videos, you'll grow very faster.

2. Hook Them with a YouTube Trailer:
Think about your favorite movie before it releases. You are all excited. The movie company, what did they do, they release a trailer. They give you some of the best scenes in the movie. So you're looking forward to when the movie comes out. You should do the same thing for your YouTube channel. Then people will be visiting your channel, go to the home page of your channel. They could click on it, and they could see what your channel is about.

People need to know the reason why they need to do it. It's not enough to say, hey, my content and videos are fantastic that you should subscribe to. It's not good enough. So in your trailer, tell them who you are, what you are about, how often you upload, why they should subscribe, and precisely what you want them to do.

Tell them the frequencies of your upload so that they know what to expect.  And don't forget to tell people exactly what you want them to do. Don't assume because you have good content, and they will naturally subscribe to your channel. No, you need to tell them, so tell them hey, click the little button here, subscribe or click on the button there to subscribe to my YouTube channel. And you have to ask them to hit the bell. Also, you should always turn on the notifications. 

3. Fall in Love with Your Fans, Not Your Content:
One of the biggest mistakes a lot of YouTubers make. They make videos that they want to make instead of making videos that their fans want. It's effortless to forget that another human is being behind this, watching you. You look at the thumbs up, you look at the numbers, views, subscribers, and you think it's just a digit.

Well, it's not only a digit; behind this, there is a person. There is a human being with feelings, emotions, and struggles. Never forget that. Don't ever treat your fans like a digit. It's essential. So you have to take care of your fans. Another thing that you could do is as a creator. As a YouTubers, you could give your fans comment on a heart.
Any YouTube whey they think they are too big and they are also popular, and they no longer connect with their fans, they are not going to last long. 

4. Have a CTA in Your Video:
CTA stands for "call to action." You have to tell your viewers exactly what you want them to do. Do you want them to share your video, do you want them to give you thumbs-up, and do you want them to comment on your video? You have to tell them exactly what to do. Never assume.

There are many ways you can insert a call to action. For example, you can do it before, during, and after. So at the beginning of your video, you can say something like hey, if this is first time viewers watching my video or this is the first time you are visiting my channel, make sure you hit the subscribe button. You could do something like that.

You can do this in the middle of your video. During your video you could say hey if you want me to teach you more about this, you want me to share more about this experience, you want me to make more of this kind of video, make sure you comment below and they don't forget to subscribe. Or you can also do it at the end of your video, but don't overdo this. And always turn on notification, it's very important. It means every single time you release a video, and there is a chance that they will see it on their homepage. So then they are more likely to click on your video.

5. Long Term Consistency Trumps Short Term Intensity:
Most YouTube gives up too soon. They upload some videos, or they upload a dozen videos, and then they give up because they are saying to themselves, no one is watching my video, I am not getting enough views, no comments, why? I spend so much time making these videos. It sucks when you upload a video and spend all your time creating the perfect piece of content, and then no one watches your video, but you have to stay consistent.

You have to think that this is a long term game. You should feel like you are pushing a snowball uphill. In the beginning, it's cumbersome, and you keep pushing and pushing. But once you hit that tipping point, once you hit over the mountain. Everything becomes so much faster like this snowball effect. If you upload two times a week instead of one time, your channel will grow faster. And if you upload three times instead of two, then your channel will grow even quicker. That long term consistency trumps that short term intensity. Think of this as a long term game.

Take Away:
While you may not be able to get more YouTube subscribers and views for your video at starting, but by following the above tips, you will surely get a huge number of YouTube subscribers and views in few days. You need to keep up the harfzerd work of growing your YouTube channel. Surely one day, you will be getting huge numbers of subscribers and views for your YouTube channel.

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